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The ZirJar Twist has many of the same features as the regular ZirJars just with a twist. The Twist features a basket that allows the user to place many crowns in it while locked in place up by the jar rim. Once the user is ready to dip, they twist the basket and it is free to sink the bottom of the liquid. Once the time is up, the user lifts the basket out of the liquid and twists it to lock it. This allows the user to use both hands to handle removing and placing the crowns. The user can place crowns in many different shade jars and dip them all at once to keep things more consistent. 


ZirJar Twist feature:

Secure flip lid with snap close

Lid condensation trap

Beveled rim

Highly visible shade markings

Locking dipping basket

Two size jars to meet your workflow

Optional Amber Jars to block out UV