Blender Add-on for Adjusting Any Dental Cad Software Models to Fit Diamond Articulators.

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Complimentary with every purchase.

No matter which CAD software you use, such as Exocad, 3shape, Dental Wings, Sirona, iTero, or any other, you can import the pre-designed STL model into the Free Blender CAD software. With the Diamond Add-on, you can easily customize your pre-designed model to perfectly fit Diamond Articulators. These adapted models require approximately 33% less printer resin and enable faster printing compared to most other model types. The time and resin savings make the articulator a worthwhile investment. This system accommodates both solid models and removable die models. The Diamond Articulator retains the bite scan, eliminating the need for manual articulation. Simply affix the printed model to the Diamond Articulator base using glue or pins, and the bite will perfectly align with the scan.

Upon purchase, the files will be promptly emailed to you.