Tips & Suggestions

When using Diamond Articulators:

    Do not pull the two haves apart. Open them all the way until they pop apart. Snap them back together at that same angle.

                     diamond articualtor take apart and snap back together


    If trouble separating the stone model from the plastic base, make sure to only lightly push pins in and to clean the stone off the plastic base sides before it sets.

    Use a pry knife to help lift the stone off the plastic base on the first removal.

    Break off the pin caps after the model is made. With pin caps removed, you can push up on the end of the pin to help remove sections and dies. You can also use a black marker to mark which pin holes you are using for easy re-assembling.

    No pin is required on the opposing side but is recommended. You will have to use glue if pinless.

    Use base stone that has good wet support to hold the impression in place on the plastic tray. If the base stone is too runny, it will be difficult to keep the impression in position.