Blender Add-on for Adjusting Any Dental Cad Software Models to Fit Diamond Articulators.

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Whether you have Exocad, 3shape, Dental Wings, Sirona, iTero, Preciso, or any other CAD software, you can import the pre-designed STL model into the Free Blender CAD software. With this Diamond Add-on, you can quickly adapt your pre-designed model to fit Diamond Articulators. The adapted models use about 33% less printer resin and print faster than traditional printed models. Between resin and print time, the articulator pays for itself and then some. You can use solid models or removable die models with this system. The Diamond Articulator preserves the bite scan so freehand articulating is not needed. Simply glue or pin the printed model to the Diamond Articulator base and the bite will match the scan. 

After purchase, the files will be emailed to you.

We have a beta version for Exocad software, and we are working on one for 3Shape.